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Packaged for Life: Chocolate
Packaging Design for Everyday Objects

Editor: victionary
Specs: 160 x 214 mm, 304 pp
Format: full colour, hard cover
Release date: Jul 2023
Language: English
ISBN 978-988-75666-4-9


In our haste to consume the things we love, we often disregard or discard packaging without a second thought. While many would argue that they bear no significance or should be done away with in our quest to save the environment, there is a lot more to packaging design than meets the eye. On top of conveying a brand’s personality, purpose, or message meaningfully and embodying its contents in ways that catch the eye, a seemingly ordinary bottle or box can become an artist or designer’s canvas for extraordinary creative expression.
Packaged for Life: Chocolate features a delectable collection of creative packaging design work for one of the most popular snacks in the world today that even the ancient Mayans enjoyed! The projects serve as morsels of inspiration and visual treats as appealing as the sinfully-delightful product itself.

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