NY TDC Ascender

whynotdesign 何樂不為設計
He Yuxuan 何宇轩
Founder / 创始人

TDC Ascenders 2023
One Show Asia TDC 评委
纽约艺术指导俱乐部 ADC 会员
深圳市平面设计协会 SGDA 会员
前潘虎包装实验室设计总监 2015-2022

○ 品牌设计 ○ 视觉识别 ○ 包装设计
○ 活动形象 ○ 产品设计 ○ 编辑设计
Branding/ Visual Identity/ Packaging
Event Branding/ Product Design/ Editorial Design
whynotdesign is an award-winning brand and packaging design studio that is renowned for its excellent design work and innovative approach. The studio has a team of skilled designers who provide top-notch brand and packaging design solutions to their clients. The studio aims to create distinctive and attractive designs that help their clients gain an edge in the competitive market. whynotdesign has worked with many renowned brands and has received accolades for its impressive work results. 


He Yuxuan is the founder and design director of whynotdesign, a studio in Shenzhen that has a bold and visionary approach to design. He creates distinctive and high-quality brand and packaging designs that give clients an edge in competitive markets. He uses typography as a key element in his design projects, which blend traditional and modern, Eastern and Western aesthetics. His designs are meticulous and expressive, and they leave a lasting impression.
He is a TDC Ascender and a winner of over 60 international awards, including NY ADC Silver Cube, TDC, One Show, Tokyo TDC, D&AD, Pentawards Gold, Red Dot: Best of the best, Dieline, Award 360°,GDC Award 23, and more. His work has been showcased by It’s Nice That, Creativeboom, and other media outlets. He has also been published in many prestigious design books and exhibited in various design events.
创始人何宇轩荣获TDC Ascenders,担任OneShow Asia TDC评委,深圳市平面设计协会 (SGDA) 会员,纽约艺术指导俱乐部 ADC 会员。赢得了60多个国际奖项,包括纽约ADC银立方、纽约TDC、纽约One Show、东京TDC、英国D&AD、Pentawards金奖、德国Red Dot: Best of the Best、DIELINE Awards、Award 360°年度设计奖、德国IF奖、美国IDEA设计奖、亚洲最具影响力设计奖、GDC设计奖等。被It's Nice ThatCreativeboom等创意平台专访报道,作品被收录于《东京TDC年鉴》、《Type Directors Club》、《Design360》、《Graphis》等多个国际设计年鉴,并在美国、加拿大、法国、德国、日本等国家展出。
︎2023 Type Directors Club, TDC Awards, Ascenders, US
︎2023 Tokyo Type Directors Club, Excellence Awards, JP
︎2023 GDC Award 2023, Professional Merit , CN
︎2022 Award360°, New Talent of The Year, Shortlist, CN
︎2022 SGDA, New Talent Award, Shortlist, CN
︎2022 101st ADC Annual Award, Silver Cube Award, US
︎2022 101st ADC Annual Award, Merit Award, US
︎2022 TDC68 Awards, Certificate of Typographic Excellence, US
︎2022 D&AD Awards, Merit Award, UK
︎2022 One Show Awards, Shortlist × 4, US
︎2022 Dieline Awards, Finalist, 2022, US
︎2022 iF Design Award, DE
︎2022 Graphis Award, Silver Award, US
︎2022 Graphis Award, Honorable Mention × 3, US
︎2022 Best Print Design Awards, Best Design Awards, US
︎2021 Pentawards, Gold Award, UK
︎2021 Pentawards, Nomination Award, UK
︎2021 Award360° Packaging Design Of The Year, CN
︎2021 Hiiibrand Awards, Jury Award, CN
︎2021 Hiiibrand Awards, Merit Award, CN
︎2021 One Show Asia Creative Awards, Merit Award, CN
︎2021 Design for Asia Awards 2021, Bronze Award, HK
︎2021 HKDA Global Design Awards, Bronze Award, HK
︎2021 Red Dot Award, Best of the Best, DE
︎2021 Red Dot Award, Communication Design, DE
︎2021 iF Design Award × 2, DE
︎2021 Muse Design Awards, Platinum Award, US
︎2021 Muse Design Awards, Silver Award, US
︎2021 A' Design Award, Silver Award, IT
︎2021 CORE 77 Design Awards, Runner Up, US
︎2021 IDEA Awards, Finalist, US
︎2020 Red Dot Award, Communication Design × 3, DE
︎2020 A' Design Award, Silver Award × 2, IT
︎2020 A' Design Award, Runner Up, IT
︎2020 Muse Design Awards, Platinum Award × 2
︎2019 Red Dot Design Award, DE
︎2019 iF Design Award, DE
︎2019 A' Design Award, Gold Award × 3, IT
︎2019 German Design Award × 2, DE
︎2019 Hiiibrand Design Award, Merit Award, CN
︎2019 Hiiibrand Design Award, Nomination Award, CN
︎2018 iF Design Award × 2, DE
︎2018 A' Design Award, Silver Award
︎2017 Red Dot Award, Communication Design × 2, DE
︎2016 Red Dot Award, Communication Design, DE
︎2023 美国 TDC 字体指导俱乐部, 新升奖
︎2023 东京字体指导俱乐部, 优异奖
︎2023 GDC 平面设计在中国, 专业组, 优异奖
︎2022 Award360°, 年度新人奖, 入围
︎2022 SGDA深圳市平面设计协会, 新人奖, 入围
︎2022 美国 ADC 第101届纽约艺术指导俱乐部, 银立方
︎2022 美国 ADC 第101届纽约艺术指导俱乐部, 优异奖
︎2022 美国 TDC 第68届纽约字体指导俱乐部, 卓越排版奖
︎2022 英国 D&AD 设计奖, 优异奖
︎2022 美国 One Show 国际创意奖, 入围奖 × 4
︎2022 美国 Dieline Awards, 入围奖
︎2022 德国 汉诺威 iF 设计奖
︎2022 美国 Graphis 平面设计年度奖, 银奖
︎2022 美国 Graphis 平面设计年度奖, 荣誉奖 × 3
︎2022 美国 Best Design Awards, 最佳平面设计奖
︎2021 英国 Pentawards 国际包装设计奖, 金奖
︎2021 英国 Pentawards 国际包装设计奖, 入围奖
︎2021 Award360°, 年度包装设计奖
︎2021 Hiiibrand Awards国际品牌&传达设计大奖, 评审奖
︎2021 Hiiibrand Awards国际品牌&传达设计大奖, 优异奖
︎2021 One Show 亚洲创意大奖, 优异奖
︎2021 DFA 亚洲最具影响力设计大奖, 铜奖
︎2021 香港 环球设计大奖, 铜奖
︎2021 德国 红点 设计奖, 最佳设计奖
︎2021 德国 红点 设计奖, 沟通设计奖
︎2021 德国 汉诺威 iF 设计奖 × 2
︎2021 美国 缪斯设计奖, 铂金奖
︎2021 美国 缪斯设计奖, 银奖
︎2021 意大利 A 设计奖, 银奖
︎2021 美国 CORE 77 Design Awards, 亚军
︎2021 美国 IDEA 国际设计卓越大奖, 入围奖
︎2020 德国 红点奖, 沟通设计奖 × 3
︎2020 意大利 A' Design Award 设计大奖, 银奖 × 2
︎2020 意大利 A' Design Award 设计大奖, 亚军
︎2020 美国 缪斯设计奖, 铂金奖 × 2
︎2019 德国 红点设计奖, 沟通设计奖
︎2019 德国 汉诺威 iF 设计奖
︎2019 意大利 A 设计奖, 金奖 × 3
︎2019 德国 国家设计奖 × 2
︎2019 Hiiibrand 国际品牌设计奖, 优异奖
︎2019 Hiiibrand 国际品牌设计奖, 提名奖
︎2018 德国 iF 设计奖 × 2
︎2018 意大利 A 设计奖, 银奖
︎2017 德国 红点 设计奖, 沟通设计奖 × 2
︎2016 德国 红点 设计奖, 沟通设计奖
We love collaborating in various areas, media, and scenes. We value friendly networking, and if you want to partner with us to create a better world, don't hesitate to send us your proposal at ︎ hi@hesign.cn.
We love having talented individuals with unique abilities and personalities. Our goal is to create a dream team of creative people who can work together to make a big change in design. If you are interested in our job opportunity, please send us your portfolio. We would love to meet you. Contact us at ︎ hi@hesign.cn.
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We are based in Shenzhen, but keep a constant eye on the world. Our outlook is international, as we collaborate with teams across the globe. If you would like to learn more, or view a full portfolio, please get in touch via.
如果您想了解更多信息或查看完整的作品集,请通过以下方式与我们联系。︎ hi@hesign.cn.
︎ hi@hesign.cn
邮箱: hi@hesign.cn
微信: 18098932007
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