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Zeitgeist Coffee Factory Museum
Year: 2023

时代精神咖啡风味博物馆采用了马口铁罐装包装,并遵循极简主义的设计理念。在包装设计上,我们使用了字体排印为主,并通过克莱因蓝、橙色、黄色三种不同的颜色来传达不同的咖啡风味。  克莱因蓝色罐装表示酸甜爽口的清新风味,橙色罐装表示香浓醇厚的浓郁风味,而黄色罐装则表示温暖馥郁的深层风味。这种设计方式不仅简洁明了,而且能够直观地传达出咖啡的风味特点。马口铁罐装包装又具有很好的保鲜作用,保证咖啡豆的香味和颜色。
The Zeitgeist Coffee Factory Coffee Flavor Museum adopts a minimalist design concept, with typography as the main focus. In terms of packaging design, we use different colors to convey different coffee flavors. For example, a dark background with light font represents a rich coffee flavor, while a light background with dark font represents a refreshing coffee flavor. This design is not only simple and clear, but also effectively conveys the flavor characteristics of the coffee. Additionally, we use tin can packaging, which not only adds a vintage touch but also ensures the freshness of the coffee beans.  
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