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The Ring of Time Typography Calendar 2022
《时间年轮》交互日历 2022年
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Year: 20212
Trees grow both inside and outside. The color change of leaves on one side represents the passage of time, and the trunk on the other side grows new rings inward. It signs the end of the year with leaves, and tells itself the width of the year with the width of the ring. In the new year, the rings are brand new, so are you. The rings grow inward, and the back of the calendar faces the wall, as do humans. Trees change four colors in a year. One should look inward to find out how one is going this year. The world sees that you and I just go to work every day, eat and sleep. In fact, there is more than that. The days when you have a good dream may be marked with a blue pen. If a year will make your calendar more blue, at least you have enough sleep last year. Looking at the front of the calendar is actually the same as looking at the trees. Its color reminds us of the current time and the people we should spend with.

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