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Philosophy Orientation Chocolate 
Packaging & Branding
Year: 2021
食品的视觉设计一直以来都是以食品照片来反映食品的内容,而黑巧克力的哲学之路则以现代而永恒的设计挑战了传统巧克力品牌的规范。它是一个与品牌和产品密切相关的产品。哲学起源于古希腊,是人类最真实的文化之一。由于其高纯度的可可含量,黑巧克力尝起来有点苦,但风味浓郁。它看似苦涩,却回味无穷,正如巧克力哲学之路的品牌宗旨: 追求自然,忠于原汁原味,有点苦涩,却又甘甜。箭头的形状随着可可浓度的变化而变成灰色,暗示着人生在哲学的道路上,去除了糖衣,回归成年人的真实味道,在人生的旅途中寻找真理,努力探索。
The visual design of food has always used food photos to reflect the content, while the road of philosophy dark chocolate challenges the norms of traditional chocolate brands with a modern and eternal design. It is a product strongly related to brand name and product. Philosophy originates from ancient Greece and is one of the most authentic cultures of mankind. Due to its high-purity cocoa content, dark chocolate tastes bitter, but has rich flavor levels. Its seemingly bitter and dry but full aftertaste is the same as the brand tenet of the road of philosophy chocolate: pursuing nature, being loyal to the original flavor, a little bitter but sweet. The figure of the arrow changes gray according to the cocoa concentration, implying the life on the road of philosophy, removing the sugar coating, returning to the real taste of adults, seeking truth and searching hard in the journey of life.

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