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2022年,《第十八届亚太设计年鉴》以“多元设计,延展平面边界〞 为主题,与设计师共同探讨价值观多元、生活方式多元、需求多元的社会中的设计可能性。年鉴延续了往届三大特色单元,生动展现了亚太地区的多元设计力量。全书收录了286位入选者的 457 件优秀作品。

In 2022, APD18 has set "The diverse design extends the graphic boundary" as the theme. Nowadays, with the rapid development of economy, technology and culture, social life is constantly changing. The Internet has allowed like-minded people to gather, communicate and speak out, thus forming communities of various values. They have diverse orientations and pursuits on their own life and consumption patterns. This also allows design to have more possibilities, and also obtains the impetus for continuous innovation and subversion. Graphic design is no longer limited to traditional media and means, but extends to all aspects of society with a rich appearance, becoming a symbol and imprint of contemporary life.

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